Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cubs Win World Series

What can be said? It's been a torturous week for this old Cubs fan, and tonight was especially torturous, but in the end, it's finally happened. I can't express how happy I am.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh ye of little faith. Now do you believe?

On this joyous occasion, let us pause to remember a faithful Cubs fan, our old friend Findalis, who should have lived to see this day. I still remember the first time Findalis wrote "Hell has frozen over. I'm going to agree with Siarlys."

I fear I may have some small responsibility for how long this took. I am a jinx. If I even watch a game on TV, the Cubs start to lose. I was watching most of the series against San Diego where the Cubs took the first two games at Wrigley and then lost the next three. The night this year's series went 3-1, I was meeting Franklin Evans in Chicago (you may remember him from the old days at Alexandria... an impeccably courteous pagan who had respect for the most polar opposite opponent in any discussion). Anyway, he suggested a sports bar on Wabash, where of course everyone was watching the game. I tried to keep my eyes off the screen but... well, we know how that turned out. The last three days, I have avoided even being on any internet connection, and went to bed each night in suspense, waiting for the next morning's paper to give us the good news. Maybe next year I'll let myself actually watch a game and see what happens. I did take my little brother to a Brewers-Cubs game a few years ago, where we both rooted for the Cubs, and they won. So who know?

Gary Fouse said...

I followed the 1984 series in Italy with my short wave radio-the San Diego games at 3-4 am.

The first 5 games I was in Mexico watching alone in my hotel room. I "gave up" after game 4. But I kept watching the games.

My new resolution and promise to my wife: I will be a Cub fan forever, but I will not live and die over it. I have had my moment.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, Siarlys. Findalis. May she rest in peace. Hopefully, someone in her family like so many other Cub fans has put a Cub marker on her grave.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's a nice custom. Putting Cubs flags on the graves of family members who didn't live to see the day.