Monday, November 14, 2016

Carolyn Glick Speech Cancelled at University of Texas

Hat tip Algemeiner

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"I'm not a longhorn. I'm a steer."

Carolyn Glick, an editor with the Jerusalem Post and a staunch defender of Israel, was scheduled to speak at the University of Texas. That was until her sponsors got wet feet and cancelled the event because they were afraid it might offend the Pro-Palestinian agitators on campus.

This happens all too often. I don't know what the dynamics are at the University of Texas, but when it comes to Hillel, I am not surprised. Out here in Orange County, the Hillel chapter at UC Irvine has long been afraid to offend the sensibilities of the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine. The word to Jewish students has always been to stand down.

“There are fears she may alienate student groups and minorities we are trying to attract, which have traditionally taken a non pro-Israel stance.”

What these students have yet to learn is that they will never  get through to the pro-Palestinian students. This is just another case of cowardice.

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