Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ben Shapiro's Speaking Appearance at UC Santa Barbara

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Ben Shapiro
Are you scared?

Big Bad Ben Shapiro is coming to UC Santa Barbara, and black students are feeling "threatened". Given the behavior we are seeing over the controversy, I am worried more about the safety of Mr. Shapiro and the College Republicans.

As usual, the school administrators come out with a pusillanimous statement that ignores the aggressive behavior of the anti-Shapiro students. As for the black students involved I want to ask them, "What is it you are threatened by"? A little guy like Ben Shapiro coming and criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement? Here is a news flash: Nobody is targeting black students at UCSB or anywhere else.

Hopefully, by the time these young people graduate from UCSB, they will come to understand what free speech is all about. As for people being "threatened", I would be more worried about anyone having to confront that out of control student in the video.

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