Wednesday, November 2, 2016

American Flag Gets Stomped on at UC Berkeley

Hat tip Campus Reform

Passersby shrug

Just another day in the neighborhood at UC Beserkley. Whether its Women in Black haranguing people against Israel, Hatem Bazian's pro-Palestinian armies, or communists stomping on the American flag, people just shrug their shoulders. After all, it's par for the course.

You would think that someone would stop to rescue Old Glory from being treated this way kind of like Cubs outfielder Rick Monday did at Dodger Stadium many years back when two mopes ran onto the field and tried to set fire to a flag. However, I guess there are just too many mopes at UCB to fight off.

One can only wonder what soon-to-be-ex-chancellor Nickie Dirks is thinking about all this as he packs up his office and makes his way through his specially-built escape hatch. Or UC President Janet Napolitano as she muddles through one mess after another on campuses from Berkeley to Davis to Santa Cruz to San Diego. She has recently had to sack two chancellors, and probably should sack the others as well.

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Nicholas Dirks

UC Berkeley, Ladies and Gentlemen. You can't stop her; you can only contain her.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Perhaps we need to develop a cultural meme that stomping on the U.S. flag is a covert way to fly the confederate flag without actually being seen to do so.