Sunday, October 9, 2016

Syrian Refugee Hunted in Germany

"We can make this work."

Here is a warning (as if we needed any more) for those of you who want to bring Syrians to this country. A Syrian man who arrived as a refugee in Germany in 2015 is now the object of a man hunt in a bomb plot after he escaped from cops in the eastern city of Chemnitz (formerly Karl Marx Stadt).

Ten thousand of these Syrians have already been admitted by the Obama administration in spite of warnings from our own intelligence leaders that we cannot adequately vet them. Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number five fold. How many Germans, how many Europeans and how many Americans will have to die in the name of this insanity?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

UPDATE: Three fellow Syrian refugees recognized the wanted man from a photo circulated widely, brought him into an apartment, tied him up, and took a cell phone photo of him to the nearest police station. Police came and took him into custody.