Friday, October 7, 2016

Suspect in Tennessee Church Shootings Is Muslim Convert

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs and Frontpage Magazine

"All the news that's fit not to print"

A man has been arrested for firing into three Shelbyville, Tennessee churches last week. What the media didn't report was that the suspect is apparently a Muslim convert.

 “I owe absolutely everything to Allah because he has set me free from my spiritual cage and I feel so much better physically and mentally than I have in months.”

Let's see how good he feels in his new cage.


Miggie said...

What? He is a Muslim? The religion of peace? Can't be! You mean that he was moved to act by the same motivation that 99.999% of all the other terrorists?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What, you think his religion is a mitigating circumstance?

Gary Fouse said...

I don't. It's a motive, that's all.