Friday, October 14, 2016

More Hacked Podesta Emails

Hat tip Total Conservative

The batch of Wikileaks-hacked emails from Clinton hack (no pun intended) John Podesta reveals just what an empty campaign Hillary Clinton is running.

Here is how Hillary was supposed to respond when asked about her husband's female accusers: In essence, she is supposed to pivot and change the conversation to "the issues that the American people really care about...."

Which leads us to another question that even her own campaign was wondering: Why exactly is she running for president in the first place?

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Oh, I forgot: It's for all the Marjories out there.


Squid said...

If men were to be the only voters in the election, Trump would have all the electoral votes and more to secure the Presidency. The woman of America will decide who is in the WH. Hopefully, these woman understand that they are being played by the cleaver Hillary campaign, by vilifying Trump. It is not smart of women to view Trump as the problem, when it is Bill who had his sperm all over Monica's dress and will be right back were he had sex with Monica.
The structure and foundations of America are going to be decided in then next election. Hillary will distort America, as she is only interested in herself, her power and her money. One-payer medicine, 2nd Amendment gone as we know it, 1st Amendment gone as we know it, Supreme Court on the far left, Military might gone, Economy distorted by endless entitlements etc.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hillary Clinton is running for president because Hillary has always wanted to be president she wants her turn she stood by Bill and now its her turn to be president... and fortunately, she is running against Donald Trump, who would be much, much worse.

(Squid, be honest, you wish women had never been allowed to vote in the first place.)

However, on the bright side, the Chicago Cubs are still well on the way to winning the world series. That's because southern Californians like Gary Fouse are stabbing the home team in the back.