Thursday, October 13, 2016

King of Thailand Dies

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King Bhumiphol Adulyadeh of  Thailand has died after a long illness. He reigned for 70 years.

This is a sad day for the Thai people. Having lived in Thailand for three years (1975-78), I saw first-hand the love and affection the Thai people held for their king and queen (Sirikit). She is also in failing health.

More than sadness at his passing, the Kingdom faces a dangerous period in the question over his succession. Next in line is the crown prince, Vajiralongkorn. The problem is he is more than just a playboy as stated in the above news report. He is a thug. Most of the people would prefer that one of the daughters, Sirindhorn, who, like her parents, has dedicated herself to public service and helping the people, take the throne. It is likely not possible. The country bears close watching in the days and months ahead. I pray they will get through this.

I vividly recall the Royal Anthem (as opposed to the National Anthem). It has a beautiful melody. Every time we went to the movies, it was played before the show started and everyone rose. You can listen to it here.

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