Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Is UC Davis Safe for Jews?

Hat tip JWeekly and Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

A swastika is painted on a UC Davis-affiliated Jewish fraternity house.
UC Davis Jewish fraternity house 2015
"One hundred percent safe for Jews"

I picked up this link from a reader thread on Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers. It concerns an op-ed in JWeekly by UC Davis Professor Diane Wolf, who is also an official of the campus Hillel chapter, which is what they call an "open" Hillel, which means they admit Jewish students who may be active opponents of the state of Israel. The thesis of the op-ed is that UC Davis is absolutely safe for Jewish students.

In response to this op-ed, I submitted the following to the reader thread:

I don’t call any campus that experiences swastikas twice in the span of a year to be safe for Jews.
As a part-time teacher at UC Irvine since 1998 (and a gentile), I have personally seen and heard the expressions of anti-Semitism from the mouths of invited speakers like Amir Abdul Malik Ali, Amin Abdul Musa, Mohammad al Asi and others.

The entire UC system is infected with this virus, and the administrators, Chancellors, vice chancellors and President Napolitano will not confront it due to political correctness.

In addition, in Orange County, our efforts to expose the problem on campus has been fought at every turn by Hillel and the local Jewish Federation. Like Dr Wolf, they say “Jewish life is thriving”. Not when the annual I-Fest celebrations of Israel are always disrupted by SJP, MSU and their allies. Not when a Israeli film event on May 18 was disrupted by SJP et al. No real action was taken even though campus police had to be called.
One day, we are going to have a tragedy on one of our college campuses. The words of an (open) Hillel official are not reassuring.

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