Monday, September 26, 2016

Verbal Attack on a Persecuted Minority

Hat tip MEMRI and Jihad Watch

"The Crescent must always be on top of the Cross."

The Coptic Christians in Egypt are a persecuted minority. Their situation is not as bad now as it was under the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammad Morsi, but it is still bad. Their churches are burned, their people are sometimes murdered, sometimes, their children are kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam. Of course, we know that in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS holds sway, the situation is even worse. They are running for their lives.

Yet here we have an Egyptian-American activist woman here in the US named Ayat Oraby putting out a videotape damning the Copts and calling on Muslims to boycott them. She accuses them of trying to subvert Egypt as if a people who constitute some 5% of the population could actually control the country. She also makes a telling statement about the relationship between Christians and Muslims and has the audacity to say it in a country where Christians are the overwhelming majority..

It is sad to see a verbal attack like this upon a persecuted minority even if it is protected by our First Amendment. It serves to give a picture, however, to the plight that Middle Eastern Christians find themselves in.

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