Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump's Sons Caught Killing a Triceratops (Extinct Dinosaur) Liberals Outraged

Hat tip Eagle Rising

If you need any further evidence of the failure of American education (and the stupidity of liberals) check out this piece in which people were told that Donald Trump's sons were photographed after killing a triceratops in Africa and their reactions. You can see the photo "proof" in the below link.(Not to nitpick, but a triceratops is an extinct dinosaur.)


Squid said...

There are many useful idiots in America. Remember what Thomas Jefferson say: The nation that wants to be ignorant and free, has never been and will never be. And, these folks are voters


Gary Fouse said...

Low information voters we call them.

Miggie said...

The question confirmed their beliefs about Trump. Their answers confirmed our beliefs about them.