Monday, September 12, 2016

The Deplorables

Hat tip Miggie and Weasel Zippers

                                                                                          She's deplorable.

So Hillary Clinton has stated on two successive days that "half of Donald Trump's supporters are "in a basket of deplorables", whom she terms as racists, sexists, homophobes and Islamophobes.

No, Hillary. Let me phrase it this way: The people who are voting against you deplore corruption. They deplore the leftist takeover of this country that you represent and will continue. They deplore the decimation of our military. They deplore the cavalier manner in which you treated your sensitive correspondence while secretary of state. They deplore your mishandling and lies regarding the Benghazi massacre. They deplore Islamic terror, murder and intolerance. (If she wants examples of sexism and homophobia, she can find it in abundance within Islam, but I digress.) They deplore the sickening pay for play of the Clinton Foundation and the way you corrupted the State Department.

Most of all, they we deplore you.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Leftist takeover? Please. Hillary is as bourgeois as they come. Liberals just have a bit more noblesse oblige for the working class -- at least those parts of it that look cute and rustic and esthetically interesting for a time.

Miggie said...

The picture didn't come through on my iPad.

What I deplore most of all is the INTENT to decieve. She had the whole emaile setup in order to evade freedom of information requests. She wants plausible deniability. She delays and dodges and delays requests for the evidence. It reminds me of the same dodge in the Whitewater case. Her billing records with the Rose law firm went "missing" when they wanted to prove her involvement in the case. A year or so later the files just magically "appeared" on a table in the Clinton residential section of the White House ... after the case was over.

Another one: Vince Foster's White House office was wiped absolutely clean within hours of his suicide death. The list of similar incidents is a long one.

The libtards say there is no proof of any wrong-doing, it's just smoke and no fire. Still, the more smoke there is the more sure it is there is a fire. These things don't happen all the time by accident. The turtle doesn't end up on the top of the fence post by accident.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

What I deplore most of all is the INTENT to decieve.

Says the man who has boasted about his personal efforts to ship American jobs overseas.