Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How the Media Circles the Wagons for Hillary

If you want a classic example of how the media bends over backwards to protect Hillary Clinton, look no further than CNN's Christiane Amanpour. This week, Amanpour took to the air to angrily blame "the media" (whoever that refers to) for making a big deal over the fact that Clinton "took ill"

Amanpour distinguished herself as a war correspondent, showing up in all the world's hot spots. However, her bias continuously shows up in her commentary, all but qualifying her for her own show on MSNBC if she ever loses her gig at CNN.

There is no question that Fox News and conservative talk radio are all over the health issue, but for crying out loud, Hillary Clinton is running for president. Are we not supposed to be concerned? Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated for the last couple of years of his presidency, locked up in the living quarters of the White House and nobody but a select few people knew about it while his wife essentially ran the country.

The Democrats and their media helpers are starting to look downright foolish as with each new revelation about Mrs Clinton, they keep insisting, "Nothing to see here, Folks. Let's move on".

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