Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary: "We Need a Better Visa System

Hillary arriving at a campaign event (Not really, but stay tuned.)

Hillary Clinton gathered enough strength in the wake of the bomb attacks in New Jersey and New York to make another incredible statement. Reacting to Donald Trump's call for "extreme vetting", Hillary threw in her "me too" while speaking to reporters in front of her campaign plane. She said that she has always been in favor of tough vetting of people who come into this country. She then immediately added, "We need a better visa system."

Here it is:

This from the woman who wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees into this country from Obama's 10,000 to 65,000. And she says we need a better visa system? Really?

Boy, I'll bet she will really crack the whip and reform that State Department. It is they who are in charge of granting visas, and they clearly need direction-a tough leader who will make it all better......


Who was in charge of the State Department from 2009-2013? Who was the secretary of state-the person who had four years to make our visa system better?

That would be Hillary Clinton.

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