Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary Claims She Didn't Know Anything About Classification System

And She Told the FBI 35  Times She "Didn't Recall"

The latest email dump now shows that Hillary Clinton claimed she had no understanding of the State Department's classification system, which means she  is grossly incompetent-or lying. This is tantamount to the head of DEA not knowing the difference between heroin and cocaine.

In addition, the FBI has released the notes of their interview with Clinton. Thirty-five times she answered questions by saying she did not recall. The interview inexplicably was not taped, nor was it sworn.

Speaking from the perspective of a retired federal agent, let us suppose that the FBI and DOJ had decided to indict Clinton. Let's suppose that they wanted to use some of her statements in court, for example, if she made false statements they could prove untrue. And all they would have is the agents' word (and their notes) in court against hers? In a high profile case like this, I cannot imagine why the interview was not taped.

The Justice Department and James Comey did not want to prosecute Hillary Clinton. The interview was just a formality. Had they wanted to charge her, that interview could have been her undoing.

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