Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cosmetic Revisions to UC Berkeley's Palestinian Course

Hat tip Algemeiner

"Minor revisions, right, Boys?"

As we knew all along, the hacks at UC Berkeley participated in a charade to make it look like they were exercising oversight on a student-taught course dedicated to deligitimizing Israel. Note in the below report how the student (a Palestinian) who is teaching the course (Yes, students do teach courses at UC Berkeley.) told the virulently anti-Israel website, Electric Intifada, that the changes were purely cosmetic.

So here is what I believe happened. When news of this biased course came out, several organizations wrote a letter to UC Berkeley in protest. When faced with the obvious reality that this course had not been properly reviewed and cleared and  that it was obviously biased politically, they temporarily suspended it. That enabled the proper "review" to take place at which time it was approved.

Here is more from The College Fix:

Whatever happened to the UC Regents' Policy on Course Content, which says that the classroom is not to be used to advance political opinions? It is nothing more than a scrap of paper. Whatever happened to the recently passed UC Regents' Statement of Principles on Tolerance that specifically addressed anti-Semitism? It is nothing but a scrap of paper. Meanwhile, with the feckless outgoing chancellor Nicholas Dirks hiding under his desk and UC President Janet Napolitano somewhere in outer space and concentrating her energies on how her campuses will adjust to Climate Change, it is clear that nobody is in charge- neither at Berkeley or in the President's chair in Oakland.

So now  we have what is supposed to be one of the most prestigious universities in the land (which it is not) allowing a student-taught course that will advocate for the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel. How do you think this will contribute to the "campus climate" for Jewish students? I smell another rainstorm.  What is coming is just another wave of Jew hatred on campus.

Here is my advice for Jewish students coming out of high school. Do not-under any circumstances- go to UC Berkeley. It is nothing but a hotbed of radical thought and is not willing to confront or even acknowledge anti-Semitism. It is a joke of a university, a place where professors like Hatem Bazian, the sponsor of the course and co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine (the course instructor is a member) to have free reign.

And as for all the organizations who wrote to UCB in protest of the course (I also wrote a letter to Chancellor Dirks), I say this: The time for writing letters has passed. It is time to bring in the lawyers. It is time to discourage Jewish students from attending places like UCB. It is time to convince donors to stop giving to schools like this, and it is time to organize protests against Jew hatred on campus. By protests I mean marching, posters, and all the things (minus disruption and violence) that the little lefties do on campus while we are silent.

Enough is enough.

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