Friday, September 16, 2016

Canary Mission's Parade of Professors

Hat tip Canary Mission

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Canary Mission is a pro-Israel website that reports on students on college campuses who engage in anti-Israel activism carrying their support of Palestinians to such lengths that they often cross the bounds of civility. Since I choose not to out students by name, I don't cross-post such articles by CM. However, I have no such compunction about professors. Thus, I am cross-posting this article by CM which highlights a handful of anti-Israel activist teachers, a couple of whom, I am, alas, familiar with.

Rabab Abdulhadi is the sorry excuse for a professor who teaches at San Francisco State University, a virtual menagerie of extremists under the "leadership" of President Les Wong. In May of 2015, Abdulhadi, aka The Phantom, was scheduled to speak at UC Irvine. That is until Yours Truly showed up with a video camera. The Muslim Student Union tried unsuccessfully to prevent me from filming, at which point, Abdulhadi never materialized on stage. Whether she was hiding behind the curtain or her plane was still on the tarmac at San Francisco Airport waiting for me to put away my camera has never been determined. I subsequently wrote her a "sorry I missed you" letter, but, alas, she never responded. I am beginning to wonder if she even exists.

Then there is UC Irvine's own professor, part-time rocker, and Al Jazeera contributor, Mark LeVine (That's with a capital V-he's French, you know.)  As previously reported, LeVine had a meltdown in front of his own students one day in November 2014 when I called him an "anti-Israel activist". Not only did he curse me out publicly, but told me if I ever called him anti-Israel again, I was going to have a Big Problem. That's because, in his words, my description of him was "slanderous". How that jives with the quote attributed to him in the CM link above is anybody's guess. At any rate, I chose not to engage in a yelling match with him in front of UCI students being a part-time teacher at UCI myself. (I squared accounts with him during a chance encounter on campus a few weeks later when there were no witnesses.)

Of course, John Esposito of Georgetown is in a class of his own when it comes to pro-Arab, pro-Muslim, anti-Israel propaganda. As yet, however, I have had no personal dealings with him.

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