Thursday, August 18, 2016

Would You Vote For This Lawyer?

Hat tip Squid, Daily Mail and Gateway Pundit

You know the old story: A sleazebag lawyer uses all the legal tricks to get a vicious criminal off easy. Here is one such example. The lawyer was Hillary Rodham Clinton while she was a lawyer in Arkansas in the 1970s. She later told an interviewer all about it back in the days she was first lady of that southern state with Bill sitting by her side. The 1975 rape victim was a 12-year-old girl. Chuckling in a fake southern drawl, Hillary told how she smeared the girl's reputation and wound up getting her client off with a time served sentence of a few months.

Unfortunately for Clinton, there is an audio of that interview with Arkansas journalist Roy Reed. You can check it out below at  Gateway Pundit (and Daily Mail) along with an update on that 12-year-old girl.

The victim's name was Kathy Shelton, who is now in her 50s. She has come out publicly with the ordeal that Hillary Clinton put her through.

Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a lifelong advocate for women. Tell that to Kathy Shelton. Tell that to the mother of Sean Smith, whom Hillary lied to about how her son died in Benghazi "over a video". Tell that to the women her husband had affairs with and who were smeared by Hillary and her gang of operatives, who attacked them as "nuts and sluts".

So where are all you liberal feminists who support Hillary Clinton? Where are all you people who think Donald Trump has too many character flaws to be president? Where is the mainstream media asking Hillary Clinton to explain this?


Squid said...

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a deep character flaw, right from the beginning. In my opinion, she is a sociopath that is manifest in serial lying, dishonesty and deception. Anyone can understand this by reading "Clinton Cash" and "Crisis of Character" which in part, describes this corruptocrat. Yet, many woman will vote for her because gender. Liberal/neo-Marxists will vote for her because of her ideology from the far Left and the ruling elite (rich actors, billionaires and large companies who donated to the foundation for favors) will vote for her.
We the people, will have to turn out in great numbers to stop the total distraction of our American way of life.


Miggie said...

Well put, Squid,
If she wins she will put the country so far to the Progressive/Socialist left side that we will never recover..... We will never be able to get out of our ever increasing debt. Financially, we will become more like Italy, Spain, North Korea, Venezuela, and the other financially failing countries. Socially, we will become over ridden with Muslims, like France, Sweden, and Germany, dealing with THOSE problems. We'll have as much freedom as the average Saudi. The geniuses in Washington will decide how much and what kind of medical care we get, to how much soda we can drink, and every other decision we thought we had from cradle to grave.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

This month, a black woman lawyer with no qualifications ran against the incumbent Milwaukee County district attorney, John Chisholm, who is known to all of you faux conservative "Republicans" for his vigorous pursuit of corruption on the part of Scott Walker, Eric O'Keefe, and others. One of the "liberal" advocacy groups that are allowed to spend unlimited money on campaigns as a result of the Citizens United ruling tried to make an issue in TV spots of the challengers shady past as a criminal defense attorney. The incumbent, John Chisholm, who incidentally won renomination handily, forthrightly came out in public to say that a defense attorney's clients should never be used as a campaign issue against her. I think that was a sound, principled stand.

That said, I despise Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Goldwater Girl from Wheaton, Illinois.