Saturday, August 6, 2016

Why I Will Vote For Donald Trump

"He's Alive!!! (At least until November.)

Of the 17 candidates who ran for the Republican nomination for president, Donald Trump was my last choice. Of the other 16, there were several, including some with senatorial, House of Representative or gubernatorial experience. Most all of them would have wiped the floor with Hillary Clinton and made fine presidents in my view. Yet, due to voter anger against the Republican establishment-justified anger in my view- Trump prevailed over all of them fairly and squarely. Just during the Obama presidency, establishment Republicans had told the voters that they needed to give their party a majority in Congress so they could fight Obama's insane policies, Thus, the voters gave them a majority, first in the House then in the Senate. It did no good. The Republicans in Congress, led by the likes of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and many others proceeded to roll over for Obama who has proceeded willy-nilly with his programs. When it came time to pick a presidential candidate, voters opted for an outsider. They got one.

In my view, we now stand at a crucial point in history. The world is in flames, and our country is in deep trouble on every front. More than ever, we need a good president. In my view, we will not have one. Michael Medved, the conservative radio commentator has made no secret of his dislike for Trump. While he concedes that Hillary Clinton will make a terrible president, he says Trump has the potential to be a catastrophic one. I find it hard to disagree. While I like many of Trump's promises when it comes to securing our country and standing up to the terrorists and their Islamist allies, many of his reckless statements leave me shaking my head. He didn't have to imply that Mexico was sending us its rapists and criminals. All he had to say was that our border situation is intolerable and that it needed to be secured, wall and all. He didn't need to insult John McCain's POW experience. He didn't need to go off on his "Lyin' Ted" rants. He didn't need to come across as a crass bully. In addition, he has shown a woeful ignorance of foreign affairs, which serves to negate Clinton's disastrous and criminal "experience" as secretary of state.

So here we are, less than 100 days from the election with the Democrats running a corrupt and incompetent liar who shouldn't be allowed to run as dog catcher, and the odds are she will win.

I belong to no party, but have always voted Republican as a conservative. After long and careful thought, I will do so again. Third and fourth party candidates are not viable. Trump is the only possible alternative to the corrupt Clintons strutting back into the White House with the full and unbridled support of the corrupt mainstream media willing to ignore Hillary's every crime.

If Trump loses, as I expect, and the Republicans lose Congress, our two party system of government may go out the window too. In the end, the Republican establishment will have nobody to blame but itself. Donald Trump is their creation  whether they realize it or not.


Anonymous said...

"While [Medved] concedes that Hillary Clinton will make a terrible president, he says Trump has the potential to be a catastrophic one. I find it hard to disagree."

Then why are you still going to vote for him?? You've admitted that Trump would be a worse president than Hillary. You failed to explain why you would still be voting for Trump. What little argument you made basically seemed to boil down to, "Well, I've always voted for the Republican, and Trump has the R next to his name, so that's that!" Not such great reasoning there.

Not that any of this makes a difference since you live in California, but still. There's obviously a huge disconnect going on in your head.

Gary Fouse said...

"he says Trump has the potential to be a catastrophic one."

Key word-potential.