Wednesday, August 10, 2016

UC Berkeley Grad (Jared Goff) Didn't Know Sun Rises in the East

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Jared Goff at Cal
"Dude, where's the sun?"

Jared Goff was the first player selected in the 2016 NFL draft (by the LA Rams). Goff played quarterback for the Cal (UC Berkeley) Bears. Ironically enough, the Rams, who have just returned to LA after several years in St Louis, are training at UC Basically, the Rams were standing around on two side-by-side football fields like a bunch of grazing cows while hundreds of fans watched from temporary bleachers and bought Rams jerseys from kiosks. The only Ram I recognized was Jared Goff, who was standing around and playing catch with the other quarterbacks all adorned in red jerseys lest one of those 350 pound behemoths crash into them.

I was not aware that one of the Rams' coaches was a guy named Chris Weinke, who at the age of 30, became an NFL rookie. He was also a quarterback though not one of any notable accomplishments. Weinke has made local headlines on the LA sports pages by being audiotaped talking about how the Rams' new play caller (Goff) was unaware that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

So how is it that Goff, a proud alum of UC Beserkley, never learned where the sun rises and sets? What was he doing, taking basket-weaving classes? Or perhaps, he was taking courses from Hatem Bazian and Judith Butler. That will keep you stupid.


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