Monday, August 15, 2016

Turning Out Good Little Progressives at Oregon State University

Hat tip The College Fix (and Fritz Lang's Metropolis)

"Welcome Freshmen- persons"

As I have often charged, universities are more into indoctrination than education these days. This latest report from The College Fix makes it harder for academia to deny the charges. Now Oregon State University is mandating "social justice" courses for incoming freshmen.

The bell rings.

One can only imagine the classes that the incoming Beavers will be required to take. Collective damn building, perhaps? (Damns against conservative thought, naturally).

Image result for beavers building dams
"Keep working, Comrades. Ben Shapiro is coming to OSU."

Here is a hint of what is to come:

"Social Justice Learning Module Content 

After extensive development, the team has created a draft content outline to be delivered in five online modules beginning Fall Term 2016:  

 Module A - Welcome to Oregon State University; 

 Module B - Context and history for social justice efforts in Oregon and at OSU; 

 Module C - Establishing expectations for an inclusive and equitable university community;

 Module D - Resources available to students to amplify their learning and incorporate the pursuit of social justice within their university experiences; and, • 

Module E - Strategies for ongoing learning. 

Each proposed module has been constructed based on key learning outcomes:"


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Damn fascists. (Social Justice was the name of Father Coughlin's print organ. Don't these cretins study history anymore?)

Gary Fouse said...

No, they don't. Nor do professors teach it.

Siarlys Jenkins said...