Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SJP Acting Like Brown Shirts Again

Hat tip The Israel Group and Times of Israel

Ever since their founding by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian (who happens to be Palestinian), Students for Justice in Palestine has often acted like the Brown Shirts of old in their interactions with Jewish students on university campuses across the nation. One tactic they have employed on several occasions is to put eviction notices under the dorm room doors of known Jewish students. Now it is reported that SJP has been trying to collect names and residence locations of Jewish students nation-wide. If true, this would dredge up memories of World War II when the Nazis forced German Jews to move into collective residences, which were marked as "Jew houses" in front. That preceded the point when the roundup of German Jews began for transport to the East.

Make no mistake: SJP is a despicable organization that is a discredit to all student campus organizations. Just last May 18, they led a gang of student thugs at UC Irvine in disrupting a Jewish event showing a pro-Israel event. That necessitated the intervention of campus police. Even "legal observers" from the UCI law school participated. That shameful incident is still under investigation by UCI though few of us expect any serious consequences.

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