Monday, August 22, 2016

Orange County Islamist Brainwashes Hispanic Kids

What does Donald Trump say about Latinos and Mexicans?”

It seems every week now the Orange County Register runs a story in their local section promoting the idea that local Islamic leaders are working to build bridges to the rest of the community. Here is a story in today's edition that is so transparent that the writer and editors failed to see it. It is how Islamist activists are trying to build bridges with other minorities by convincing them that they are all victims of the same white American oppressor.

First of all, let's deal with that tired old Andalusia talking point. When Muslims ruled southern Spain, non-Muslims lived in a dhimmi status of second class citizenship.

More importantly, however, the goal of this "outreach" is to win support for Muslims from other minorities by convincing them that they are all oppressed in American society. Note the photo that headlines the article. Read the posters that refer to the plight of the Hispanics who happen to be non-citizens and are in the country illegally. The fact that they had to cross the border by trekking across a desert hardly constitutes oppression by the US.

“It’s to get the kids to vote as one bloc – Latinos and Muslims,” Hamida said, “Because the hate rhetoric is against both of us.”

I wonder what Ms Hamida's message is for the Vietnamese community. Does this aide to Loretta Sanchez forget when Sanchez pitted Latinos against her sizable Vietnamese constituency during a re-election campaign?

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