Thursday, August 11, 2016

Once Again, The Brown University

Hat tip Legal Resurrection

Just as Ohio State University calls itself The Ohio State University, Brown University should call itself The Brown University. Back in the early 1930s as Hitler was rising to power in Germany, Erlangen University earned the moniker, the Brown University after it became the first university in Germany whose student government was comprised of a majority of Nazis. Similarly, the list of anti-Semitic incidents at Brown in recent years has led me to dub it The Brown University.

Now comes Ms. Nina Tannenwald, who is the director of international relations at the Watson Institute of Something or Other at Brown. In the wake of the savage stabbing death of a teenage Israeli girl at the hands of a Palestinian killer as she slept in her own bed, Tannenwald blames the victim(s). She wants the US to crack down-not on the Palestinian savages who applaud this act, but on Israel.

Only in academia do you find this kind of perverse, illogical thinking. It is astounding how the pro-Palestinian movement in this country has rotted the brains of so many professors and students.

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