Monday, August 22, 2016

More Negative Reaction to UC Irvine Leniency to SJP

                                                               "Not threatening"

"One Jewish student, Eliana Kopley, attempted to get away, but was chased and hounded by members of the angry mob, forcing her to hide in a kitchen while a UCI staff member protected her.  The Louis D. Brandeis Center ("LDB"), a national civil rights legal advocacy organization best known for its work fighting anti-Semitism in higher education, represents Ms. Kopley."

The Louis D Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and other groups have expressed disappointment over the lenient punishment meted out by UC Irvine to Students for Justice in Palestine for their disruption of a Jewish student event on May 18. Below are two articles from the Brandies Center's website including a report by Algemeiner.

"Marcus also stated, “Vice Chancellor Parham’s statement also fails to mention the obviously anti-Semitic nature of the violations here. One would never know from his statement that hate was at work in this angry mob.” Despite the claims of SJP, NLG, and Palestine Legal, political activism played no role in the decision of a few to harass Ms. Kopley. Eliana had gone to see a movie with other Jewish students. She was interested in a documentary about Israelis her own age, and what it their lives are like when they are required to serve in the IDF. The only thing the harassers knew about her was that she identified with the Jewish students on the other side of the door. That is anti-Semitism – not anti-Israel political action."

I find it incredible that UCI found that the behavior of Students for Justice in Palestine was not "threatening". Ms Kopley would beg to differ.


Squid said...

It is not hard to understand the what UCI Administration has avoided when it comes to anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is currently the Zeitgeist of the time. The problem comes from the top. Obama sides with the Muslims, Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and cites it in his book, "Audacity of Hope". He has Iftar fast breaking in the White House, invites the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization (recognized by Britain and Saudi Arabia) to the White House, as he invited the outlawed organization to his Cairo speech in Egypt. He shuns Israel and shames the Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi. He sat in Rev. Wrights congregation for 20 years, who is anti-Semitic, as he invited Louis Farrakhan to speak an many occasions and published his antiSemitic screed in the church "Trumpet" paper. Obama had invited Rev. Sharpton to the White House over seventy times. Sharpton is anti-Semitic as his action over the years have shown. Most recently, the Crown Heights killing of a hasidic Jew by Black rioters, is now begin blamed, in part, on Jews on Crown Heights. This is an anti-Semitic re-write of history to cloak anti-Semitism.
Black Lives matter has recently adopted an anti-Israel stand (anti-Semitism).
So it is lets get on the band wagon of anti-Semitism, as it is OK from the top down.


Gary Fouse said...

The fish rots from the top, Squid (no pun intended). Obama tolerates it and UCI (and UC) tolerates it. The reasons may be somewhat different. After all the chancellor is Jewish himself, but just like his predecessor, Michael Drake, he does not have the courage to stand up and fight it. He is part of a morally corrupt system.

As for Obama, I suspect that anti-Semitism is part of his make up based on his upbringing and associations not to mention his policies.