Monday, August 22, 2016

Mark Toner (DOS) on Clinton Emails and Clinton Foundation

The latest batch of State Department-released emails to Judicial Watch show that officials from the Clinton Foundation contacted  Hillary Clinton's State Department for access to the secretary for donors during Hillary's tenure as secretary of state. That made for a very uncomfortable press briefing today for DOS press spokesman Mark Toner, who was clearly uncomfortable with the questions.

Below is how the Clinton-friendly MSNBC reported today's State Dept. press briefing by Mark Toner as it dealt with the question of Hillary Clinton's emails and the 15,000 emails that the FBI discovered and now being evaluated by State

Nicely and neatly, Toner gives his statement, which is coupled with MSNBC's report on the statement of the Clinton Foundation.

Fox News, however, carried a much longer snip of the press conference in which Toner was asked about such things as Cheryl Mills and the influence of the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was secretary of state as well as whether Huma Abedin was adequately vetted for her DOS position as aide to Hillary given her past association with an Islamist publication with a history of troubling statements. Toner clearly had problems dealing with the questions posed by reporters including Fox's James Rosen. Below is the C-SPAN video of the full press conference.

So much is coming out about the seedy relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's State Department. In addition, shouldn't Americans be concerned by the close relationship between Mrs Clinton and Mrs. Weiner? (Abedin is the wife of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner.) Yet, the mainstream news media blissfully ignores all this as Hillary marches on to the White House. It staggers the imagination.

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