Thursday, August 4, 2016

London Stabbing Update: Victim Was American-Killer Somali, "No Evidence of Radicalization"

Crazed Londoners Norwegians

Last night when I posted the news of a man in London attacking five people with a knife and killing one, I "went out on a limb" and guessed that the perp was a Muslim. Looks like that limb is a sturdy as a tree trunk. Police have now identified the killer as a 19-year-old Somali. We also now know that the woman who died was an American. Of course, police are chalking it all up to mental illness.

As is usually the case, the Daily Mail (UK) has more details than you will get from the US media with lots of visuals.

Given the spate of knife attacks in London in recent years, it looks like the place is one big mental asylum. Apparently, the still unarmed Bobbies failed to find an ISIS flag in the young man's residence. That is truly reassuring.

Nothing to see here, Folks. Just move along.


Squid said...

The mayer of London, Khan, says "keep calm". This is a Khan job!


Gary Fouse said...

Keep calm. The odds of being stabbed on a London street by some crazed Norwegian (of Somali origin) must be at least 100 to 1.