Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hillary's Emails: Shady Deals, Disclosure of NSA Official and More Carelessness

Hat tip Breitbart, Judicial Watch, and Squid

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"What difference at this point does it make?"
(Probably none.)

Judicial Watch has just released another batch of Hillary Clinton's emails from the time she was secretary of state and using that infamous personal email server for all her communications. They show:

1: The disclosure of the identity of an NSA official assigned as liaison to the State Department (1st link below).

2: Arranging a meeting for a big-time Clinton Foundation donor with a US ambassador.  The donor was convicted by the Swiss for money laundering. (2nd link below)

3: Clinton aide and Muslim Brotherhood operative, Huma Abedin, carelessly left Mrs Clinton's daily schedule in her hotel room, unlocked, no less (2nd link below).

It's all there, folks. The total lack of security, the favors for a Clinton Foundation donor and throwing around the name of an NSA official. You talk about an open government!

James Comey, where are you? Maybe we should replace the FBI with Judicial Watch. They seem to be doing a better job of uncovering facts than the FBI. Actually, I still believe that FBI investigators handed Comey a prosecutable case, and he decided to punt (from the red zone to use another football metaphor).

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