Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hillary to Cops: "F-Off"

It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton's campaign has not even sought the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police Union. The reason is clear: She and the Dems despise law enforcement.

Hillary Clinton's sympathies lie with the Black Lives Matter movement. That is why she invited mothers of young black men who died in shooting incidents with police to speak at the Democratic convention. In addition, Mrs Clinton is well known for her verbal abuse of her Secret Service protective detail going all the way back to the time she was first lady. Not only does she despise law enforcement, she despises the military as well and didn't want them wearing their uniforms in the White House during her husband's presidency. It is told that when one high-ranking general said, "Good morning" to her in the White House, he response was, "F...-off."

And you think this woman is going to seek the endorsement of the police union(s)?

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