Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton's False Testimony Referred to DOJ

How would you like to be an FBI agent and have a slam dunk case dropped in your lap? It goes like this: During her testimony before a House committee, Hillary Clinton made a number of statements in response to questions about her emails. FBI director James Comey was later asked about those statements by the committee (specifically Trey Gowdy  R-SC) and how they compared to the FBI's findings. A number of her statements were in contradiction to the FBI's findings according to Comey. So now, it is up to the FBI to examine the transcript of Hillary's testimony and compare them to the facts they have already collected. It's called a perjury case.

In addition, yesterday, the FBI was supposed to turn over the transcript of their interview of Clinton to the said House committee. It was announced that there may be a slight delay due to some objection by the State Department, which is still trying to protect their former secretary for some reason. I'm not sure they would have any standing since Hillary is no longer the secretary and it concerns her interview to the FBI being made available to Congress within its oversight duties.

Be that as it may, this should be a quick and easy case. The statements and the facts are all in the possession of the FBI. A criminal case referral should be in the hands of DOJ toute suite, as they say in France, right?


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