Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Give to the Clinton Foundation and Meet With Secretary of State Clinton

That is the finding of the Associated Press, who obtained Hillary Clinton's visitors logs during her tenure as secretary of state. It revealed that over half of her (non-governmental) visitors while she was secretary of state had given money to the Clinton Foundation.

It's called buying access. The Clinton defenders are now claiming that Hillary granted no special favors to these people as a result of their contributions. That requires further investigation into what, if anything, these donor/visitors received. Even if they received nothing more than a photo op, that is something they can sell. If you are a businessman and you have a photo of you and the secretary of state shaking hands at State Department HQS, that means something to the people you do business with.

But I would once again refer you to the book, Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, which outlines the corruption by Bill and Hillary Clinton after they left office and formed the Clinton Foundation, Read chapter 3 about Canadian businessman and Clinton Foundation contributor Frank Giustra and the Kazakh uranium deal. Read about those who contributed to the Clinton Foundation and gave Bill Clinton 6-figure speaking gigs. The end result was that Russia gained access to much of the US' uranium supply. Naturally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood by and allowed it all to happen, the foundation received millions in contributions from the principals.

It's called pay for play. It's called corruption.

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