Saturday, August 13, 2016

Deutschland Is Now Rapeland

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Gatestone Institute

-Creeping Sharia

Germany has not seen a rape epidemic like this since the Red Army conquered Berlin.  All over the country, the sexual assaults are piling up especially at public swimming pools. And just as in the other Western European countries that have opened their doors to Muslim refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers, it is not the local men who are guilty. Perhaps, even worse, the German authorities refuse to even deal with the problem and protect their citizens.

This is what Angela Merkel and political correctness have brought to Germany. It is downright criminal negligence. Already, innocent women have been raped and assaulted by the thousands-by the thousands- and other victims have been murdered. There will be more. And still this woman and her government are letting more and more mostly young, male migrants pour into the country.

Of course, what right to I have to talk. Our own president, Barack Obama and his likely successor, Hillary Clinton have already let in some 8,000 unvetted Syrians and plan to bring in more.

In the worst days of the Soviet Union, they never could have come up with a better plan to destroy the West.

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Squid said...

Germany is the poster country when it comes to a rape epidemic. What is very sad about this, is that many more refugees will continue to arrive through the boarders of Germany. Many more rapes will occur as the refugee population raises.
America will have the same problem if Hillary gets in, as she stated that many more refugees will be invited to America. I had the opportunity to met a Federal three letter agent who knows the Middle East well. He said that citing of Syrian refugees goes like this:
1. Are you a terrorist?
2. Do you want to commit terrorist activities in America.
3. Will you support terrorists?
This is it. It was the same sort of questioning that the Tarnov brothers got when the Russians said that they were bad news.
Expect the worst.