Saturday, August 6, 2016

Concordia U. "All New Students of Color Are Expected to Attend This Meeting"

Hat tip Campus Reform

It never ceases to amaze me how our universities are marginalizing non-white students by putting them in a  special category, to be coddled, to be protected, to be treated like little children with Down Syndrome or something akin. To our universities, non-white students might as well be in wheel chairs, placed in a protective bubble because they cannot function without special handling.

How insultingly racist is that?

So now we have a befuddled Concordia University (St Paul) dean of diversity affairs who summons "students of color" to a special meeting where information only suitable to them is disseminated on how to get by the college experience with all those "privileged white students" (who have no color, mind you).

It is high time universities get rid of these diversity affairs departments. They are unneeded. They are doing more harm than good. They are divisive.

And if you think that minority students in this country can't get through four years of college without the benefit of these departments, that is racist thinking.

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