Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Clear Perspectives on Milwaukee

Hat tip The Hill

I am cross-posting two op-eds on the current unrest in Milwaukee. The first is written by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, himself an African-American. The second is written by Heather MacDonald and is entitled, "Why Milwaukee Burns". I am in full agreement with both writers.

Last night, Donald Trump spoke from Wisconsin and gave his vision on restoring law, safety and order to America. I thought it was an excellent speech, just as I thought his earlier speech on fighting terror was excellent.

It is time for setting aside these constant complaints about white racism. Once in our history, it mattered. What true white racism exists today is insignificant and powerless. True racism is being practiced by the folks we see in the streets of Milwaukee this week. What we have witnessed is violence caused by true hatred of whites.

Like the above writers, I place the blame at the feet of the Black Lives Matter movement, race hustlers, and liberal whites- especially those teachers and students in our universities who are perpetrating this myth about "privileged whites". They are doing nothing but stirring up anger towards a group that has worked very hard over the last 50 years to set aside prejudice. discrimination  and injustice.  The failures of  black Americans today are caused by any living white person. They are self-inflicted. I don't discount the legacy of slavery and segregation, but the biggest root cause of the dysfunction we see in the black inner cities is mostly due to single-parent families and absentee fathers.

The government has shown that it cannot fix the problems. Indeed, government policies have only exacerbated them. Look at any of these large cities with unrest, unemployment, poor schools, and you see cities that have been firmly in control by Democrats for decades, if not generations. Milwaukee has not had a Republican mayor since 1908! That was the last year the Cubs won a the World Series. Detroit has not had a Republican mayor since the late 1960s. Need we mention Chicago? When will black voters hold the Democrats accountable for their failures?

As Donald Trump pointed out last night, the biggest victims of all this are not the unlikely whites who get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is the law-abiding blacks who are trapped in the inner cities who have to put iron grills on their doors and windows and have to fear for the safety of their own kids-not from the police, but from other blacks.

It is time for the Black Lives Matter crowd and their white enables to stop looking for white racists under every bed and start working to address the killing of blacks by other blacks. White people cannot solve that problem. It has to come from within the black community, the churches, community leaders and families. The worst sin whites have committed against blacks since the days of the Civil Rights era has been to instill a dependence on government assistance that has destroyed the black family and almost tripled the out-of-wedlock birth rate. While we have acknowledged the dark history of slavery, segregation and discrimination, white self-flagellation as to today's issues are not helpful either. We are not the enemy. We want black people to succeed just like everyone else. That is in our national self interest. We are not standing in the way. The David Dukes of the world have no real power to hold any black person down.

I applaud voices like David Clarke, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Deneen Borelli and others. They are black conservatives who have a refreshing message. For that, they are called "Uncle Toms". That is shameful. Instead of listening to the Al Sharptons, Eric Holders and yes-Barack Obamas of the world, maybe we should pay more attention to the above people. Things just might get a whole lot better if their message sinks through.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

David Clarke is a pompous windbag indulging in shameless grandstanding. He mouths off about he's not going to have a Ferguson. Well, Milwaukee is not Ferguson, its Milwaukee, and nobody was coming out in support of the rather limited incidents of violence, including the deceased man's family. When things calmed down, no doubt Clarke awarded himself a medal, patted himself on the back, and congratulated himself on what a tough guy he is.

Its true that endless op-eds and op-eds masquerading as news articles peddling boiler plate talking points about poverty and segregation are getting tiresome, and not the least productive. But, something more than vigorous law enforcement is needed to reach kids before they degenerate into carjackers and drug dealers. They're not worthless, although some need a brick to the head before they'll pay attention.