Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chilling? What Is Chilling Here?

The now-politically correct Orange County Register is running an editorial today calling a secondary search by DHS agents at LA Airport "chilling". The woman in question is Maria Abi-Habib, who was arriving from Beirut. She is a Wall Street Journal writer.

I must confess that I initially assumed Ms Abi-Habib was Muslim. It may be that she is not. (Perhaps, DHS  assumed she was the OCR wanted the readers to infer that she was.) The fact is, however, that the OCR while conceding that 4th amendment rules do not apply at a border  or port of entry still say that DHS "policies" should be reviewed.

I recall back in 1970 when I was returning from a European vacation and was subjected to a Customs secondary in Philadelphia. A few months later, I was hired by Customs as a special agent.

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