Saturday, August 13, 2016

Are the Clintons Still Under Investigation?

Hat tip Eagle Rising

With all the dirt that has come out about the dealings of the Clinton Foundation and the conflicts of interest involving Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, it would be (yet another) miscarriage of justice if somebody within the Department of Justice wasn't investigating this. I believe they have been for some time. My friends at Eagle Rising (for which I am a contributing writer) have a report.

It may just be another chance to be naive, but I sure hope this report is true. If so, I also hope it is far enough along to achieve a resolution soon (like before November).

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Squid said...

At first, I was excited to read about the investigation. But, this is the Clintons and the ruling class of billionaires and politicians. We no longer have a rule of law in the United States, we have experienced law breakers disregard the Constitution, Federal, State and local laws.
This is the playing field:
1. This investigation will not be finished until the election is over, or;
2. Hillary will be charged an Obama will immediately commute her sentence before the election and pardon her before he leaves office, or;
3. The Department of Justice will refuse to indict her, meaning that Lorreta give her a get out of jail card.