Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Anti-Semitism at University of Tennessee

Hat tip Algemeiner and Ted

Algemeiner is running a disturbing story of brazen anti-Semitism at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville). The perps are the usual crowd, the Students for Justice in Palestine. The language uncovered here at UTK is so over the top, it has to be disseminated.

As is my practice, I checked the campus newspaper, The Daily Beacon, to see if there was any reporting or editorial discussion on this. I could find nothing.

This story bears watching.

* In case you are wondering about Zaid Shakir, who is mentioned in passing (along with our old friend, Hatem Bazian), he is the one who was inexplicably chosen to lead led the memorial for Mohammed Ali in Louisville. A lot of people think he is some sort of moderate. I do not. His very association with Bazian is enough to convince me otherwise.

* Update: Here is a local news report on the controversy. UT denies the problem of anti-Semitism and states that the students involved are no longer at UT. I got this link off of the UTK-SJP website.

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