Sunday, August 21, 2016

Amid US Olympic Victories, One Sour Note

It has been great for Americans to watch our Olympic athletes win medal after medal at the Rio Olympics. And who could not fall in love with the infectious smile of gymnast Simone Biles? In almost every respect, the Olympics has been something that we Americans can take pride in.

Except for one unfortunate incident involving Americans who acted badly and then lied about it.

Yes, Folks. I am talking about the MSNBC talking heads who went to Rio to cover the games.

You see, it all happened a few nights ago when the whole gang, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Mika Brzezinski, Chris Matthews and Chris Hayes decided to go out and sample Rio's famed nightlife. Eventually, they wound up in a combination, nightclub/bar/house of ill repute called Coca-Obama's. After several drinks, our gang started to feel like Olympic champions themselves. Chris Matthews was starting feel thrills going up his leg as he watched the scenery.

The problem started when Schultz put his head through a bathroom door, apparently thinking he was still a star quarterback in college. That led to a commotion with the club security(?) demanding payment for the hole in the door. The other MSNBC hosts jumped into the argument, while Mika-as is her wont-said nothing. Maddow claimed that they were all members of the US male swimming team. One thing led to another, and the boys were forced to fork over some cash.

The next day, our heroes claimed they had been robbed at gunpoint at some gas station. Sharpton said it was a case of "Hands up. Don't shoot". A police investigation was opened, which determined that it was a case of false reporting by the MSNBC talk show hosts.

Imagine that.

Anyway, arrest warrants were issued. Most were pulled off of planes while trying to return to the US. Sharpton managed to get out of Brazil and returned to his show on MSNBC as if nothing had ever happened. He continued to peddle the line about, "Hands up. Don't shoot" and threatened to return to Rio and lead the US delegation in the final ceremony with a placard that read, "No justice. No peace". He later thought better of that idea. Poor Chris Hayes was actually thrown into the Rio jail, where inmates immediately gave him the nickname of, "Bunk Muffin".

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Eventually, everybody made it back to the US to be interviewed by Matt Lauer (except Mika Brzezinski. She said nothing.)
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In the end, the truth came out. It was just another case of MSNBC's false reporting.

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