Friday, July 1, 2016

The New Hillary Book

This article first appeared in Eagle Rising.

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who served on the president's detail during the Clinton administration, has written a tell-all book describing what an unbalanced person Hillary Clinton is. The book is entitled, Crisis of Character.

 I have heard Byrne being interviewed twice today by Sean Hannity on radio and TV. He has a myriad of stories to tell either first-hand or related to him by fellow agents. It's all there, from the sex-capades by Bill to Hillary's dual personality, her volcanic temper, the way she screamed at her protective detail, and her hatred of law enforcement and the military. It is a very unflattering portrait of Mrs Clinton.

Is it all true or a pack of lies? It sure seems to jive with what we see of Hillary on TV and the news as well as the reports that have existed ever since the Clintons were in the White House.

But was it right for Byrne to write this book? There has always been a code among Secret Service agents that they are not supposed to talk about the personal details they observe when they protect presidents and their families. Byrne himself says he is not comfortable making these revelations, but that he felt he had to inform the public of Hillary's true nature. He says that only in 2004 were agents required to sign non-disclosure agreements and he never signed one.

From a strictly professional point of view, it is easy for me, as a retired DEA agent, to say Byrne is out of line. Yet, given what is at stake, I think he has done a public service. I am convinced that among all her other problems, Hillary Clinton is psychologically unbalanced. If she is going to make the argument-as she has- that Donald Trump is not emotionally equipped to be president, then she has opened the door to an examination of her own emotional state.

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