Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Latest Horror in France

Hat tip Francois DeSouche and Creeping Sharia

"Allahu Akhbar", they yelled

Another day, another horrific attack in Europe by the Religion of Peace. Two ISIS supporters storm into a church in France during services, force the priest to kneel and cut his throat in front of horrified worshipers.

Of course, Dear Readers, I hasten to add that this had absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

Here is more in French from Francois DeSouche blog. One of the killers had been detained in Turkey trying to cross into Syria in 2015. He was returned to France and spent one year in jail before being released to his parents in March. He was required to wear an electronic bracelet.

"L’un des deux assaillants aurait tenté de partir pour la Syrie en 2015, selon les informations d’iTélé. Refoulé de Turquie en mai 2015, il aurait alors été condamné en France. Ce jeune homme serait revenu s’installer chez ses parents à Saint-Etienne-de-Rouvray, d’où il serait originaire, après avoir passé un an en prison. Il aurait été libéré le 2 mars dernier et placé sous bracelet électronique."

Well that sure worked. At least they killed the two beasts. I guess that frees up another electronic bracelet they can put on the next bloodthirsty jihadist they release to his parents.

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Squid said...

No problem here Gary, after all Secretary John Kerry stated that air conditioners are more dangerous than ISIS. Gosh, I feel so safe after hearing Swift boat Kerry. How long will it take the Pope to respond to this carnage.

The Democrats will not respond correctly to this incident because they love the Middle East money and influence, including the love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood.

In addition, not one word was spoken about ISIS during the first night of the DNC convention.