Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Final Solution to the White Problem

Hat tip Campus Reform

A professor at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee is proposing that "whiteness" must disappear to solve the racial problems plaguing America. Meet Professor Gregory Jay.

Of course, I would suggest that Dr Jay come on out to LA where black gangs and brown gangs are shooting each other and continuing their war in California's prisons. Eliminating whiteness won't solve that problem, Dr Jay.

A more humane way might be for white people to lay on the beach all day or go to a tanning salon to make their whiteness disappear, sort of like Michael Jackson in reverse, may he rest in peace.

Being on a college campus as I am, I am familiar with the attacks on whiteness and white people with all this white privilege nonsense that dominates the discussion in academia all over the country. What Dr Jay is doing is just the first step in the process; first you demonize a people. Then  you talk about how great it would be if those people disappeared from your society. Finally, there is what the Nazis called, the final solution-in this case, the final solution of the white problem. As we speak, we are seeing it in action directed at white cops.

"But wait, Fousesquawk. Dr Jay is white."

Indeed he is. In our universities you have all kinds of misfits and oddballs including white faculty and students who rail on about whiteness this and whiteness that. You have Jewish faculty and students who join hands with those pro-Palestinian agitators who want to see Israel destroyed one way or another.

This is the wonderful, wacky world of academia, where as a songwriter once wrote,  "Red is grey and black is white. But we who decide what is right."


Squid said...

This Dr. Jay is a dangerous loon. To think that he is a professor. I will take a chance here and use an expletive to describe my reponnse to Dr. Loon. Hope I do not get kicked off of Fousesquawk, like Milo got kicked off of Twitter.

Dr. Jay, kiss my Ass.


Gary Fouse said...


You have been placed on probation by this site for five minutes.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Global warming and expanding the hole in the ozone layer will provide a final solution to the "white problem." So if you deny either or both, you are a useful idiot to Jay's agenda.