Monday, July 11, 2016

So You Want Bill Clinton as a Speaker?

Note to Janet Napolitano: While you are investigating the fitness of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to serve, you might check into the $$$$$$ spent to bring in Bill Clinton as speaker at UCD. An anonymous reader sent me this article from the LA Times, and I am cross-posting it.

Let us be frank. Bill and Hillary Clinton are a couple of grifters. It is perfectly legal to charge whatever they want, but shame on those who pay for it. The universities can ill afford it, and that money is needed for other purposes with tuition skyrocketing. The University of California is constantly complaining they don't have enough money while they are paying monumental fees to Bill Clinton far above what the market used to demand. Then you have companies, governments and individuals paying these 6-figure sums to the Clintons. They expect something in return, and there is ample evidence out there that they have received it.

The thought of these two grifters returning to the White House (Bill will be an  occasional visitor for appearances' sake) fills me with shame.

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