Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ohio Terror Suspect Tried to Have Judge Murdered

From the Fousequawk crime blotter

Just another day in the US of A, Folks. A UAE* native by the name of Yahya Farooq Mohammad already in jail on terror charges, has now been charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill the judge hearing the case.

Get used to it. We are going to see this over and over again.

Why did I put that in the future tense? I should have used present perfect tense.

*UAR UAE, for the benefit of you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies and History of Consciousness majors, stands for United Arab Emirates. That's one of those fabulously wealthy Gulf states. The people are called Emiratis.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

UAR? You meant UAE, right? UAR stands for United Arab Republic, Gamel Abdel Nasser's short-lived attempt to unite Egypt and Syria. It was a dead letter even before the Assads took power.

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, it is a misprint. UAE-United Arab Emirates.