Saturday, July 30, 2016

Oh No! Now Russians Have Hacked Clinton Campaign

                                                        "Where is that re-start button?"

Hillary Clinton, the so-called "steady hand" this country needs in the White House, has been hacked again. This time it's her presidential campaign, and the likely suspect is the Russians (again).

Let's be frank: Hillary Clinton couldn't keep her grandma's recipe for chicken gumbo a secret. First it's her state department emails. Then it's the DNC emails. Now it's her own campaign emails. If this woman becomes president, she might as well give Putin a side office in the White House.

1 comment:

Miggie said...

Not to worry! Tose 30,000 (!) emails, according to Hillary, were recipies, wedding plans, and correspondence with her husband (who doesn't use email). So no secrets were compromised ,,, if you believe her.