Monday, July 4, 2016

Max Blumenthal, Others Defame Elie Wiesel

Hat tip Israelly Cool

As the civilized world mourns the passing of Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel, others are using the occasion of his death to defame him. They include crackpot journalist Max Blumenthal, Electric Intifada editor Ali Abunimah, pseudo-academic and pseudo-moderate Reza Aslan, and other clowns.

Max Blumenhal is a journalist and son of Clinton confident, Sid Blumenthal, known as "Sid Vicious" inside the Beltway. It was Sid who was communicating with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her insecure personal email server-often sending her some of Max's vicious rants against Israel. That's what Max's claim to fame is. He hates Israel with a passion and travels the world on behalf of the Palestinian lobby trashing the Jewish state.

So it is hardly surprising that Max Blementhal would trash Wiesel upon the news of his death. It says much more about Max than it ever could about Wiesel.

It also says much about Hillary Clinton that she could associate herself with this despicable father-son pair.

But that's what the Clintons do.

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