Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How the Academic Left Blames America for the Orlando Attack

Hat tip Campus Watch and American Thinker

You have to hand it to the left-especially the academic left and the Islamist professors. They are really clever. Who else could take an incident where a Muslim guys kills 49 people in a gay nightclub, ignore the part of sharia law that mandates death for homosexuals, and blames it on .... and me. That's right. It's good old-fashioned white American homophobia that killed those people in Orlando.

Cinnamon Stillwell of Campus Watch has a report on the reactions of several of our old friends in academia.

As usual the reasoning and logic of Juan Cole draws hoots. He pronounces the Orlando killer as not being a terrorist because he didn't make any demands of the US Government. Either did the 9-11 hijackers. And this yard bird runs a blog called "Informed Comment". Don't bother sending in critical comments to Informed Comment. Cole won't post them. I know from experience.

I also find it curious that Duke's Omid Safi chooses to harpoon the South (where he chooses to live) and talks about the "intersectionality"  between Muslim and  LGBT "struggles". Is he forgetting the part of sharia law that mandates death for homosexuals? Is he forgetting that Iran hangs its gays and that in other parts of the Arab world, gays are thrown off roof tops? It took a Muslim terrorist to carry out this massacre in Orlando. By the way, my spell check tells me that "intersectionality"  isn't even a word, but to be fair Safi didn't invent it.

Then there is As'ad Abukhalil, who dubs himself, "the angry Arab". (Aren't they all?) He ingenuously takes a Muslim going out and killing a nightclub full of gay people and ascribes it to Christian fundamentalism. Works every time. With that kind of logic you can get yourself a teaching gig in Stanislaus. The angry Arab also claims that the churches in the Middle East stoked homophobia among the Arabs. Last I checked the churches in the Middle East were all burning. No, Arab gays are not setting the fires.

We are pretty much convinced that Arabs don't see the world as we do and reason differently. Come to think of it, so do our own academics.

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