Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary the Speech

My main interest in watching Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech was not to hear what she had to say or how she would say it.  I already knew. It would be the standard Hillary speech full of one-liners, harsh barbs aimed at Donald Trump, a laundry list of liberal goals, and lies all delivered with that Spade Cooley look that suggests she has lost her mind over the years. She didn't disappoint.

Hillary repeated the convention theme that is so contradictory. While heaping praise on President Obama, she talked about all the inequities, injustices and wrongs that she intends to fix. Why didn't Obama fix them? Which one is it?

Nor did I overlook those throw away lines in which she referred to our military as a "national treasure". This from the woman who as first lady didn't want the military aides attached to the White House to wear their uniforms. This from the woman who reportedly told a general who made the mistake of saying, "Good morning" to her one day in the White House  to "F-off". The rule in those days was that you did not speak to the first lady or even make eye contact with her unless she addressed you first. No amount of words from Chelsea Clinton telling us of how warm and fuzzy her mother is can wipe that away.

Nor can it wipe away the contempt she has for law enforcement. Hillary also threw out a line about appreciating the cops who protect us, but  the worst assignment a Secret Service agent can draw is guarding Hillary, who has always made it her habit to scream insults at them.

When it is all said and done, what is left is Hillary the liar. What is left is Hillary the corrupt, money grubbing woman who charged $200,000-300,000 a speech including from Wall Street groups like Goldman-Sachs, but who tells us she is going to clean up Wall Street. What is left is her email server scandal and the Justice Department white wash. What is left is a tenure at the State Department full of nothing but policy failures. What is left is the corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the biggest money laundering scheme in US political history. What is left is her non-performance at Benghazi and subsequent lies about a video and cover-up.

What is left is Hillary Clinton- the real person.


Squid said...

What was very apparent, is the continuous display of people of color, in order to get the Black vote. Many of the Black voters in the conference hall and perhaps in the T.V. audience do not realize that the Clintons just want the Black vote and nothing else. The Clintons will not give a dam about them when they get in. Unfortunately, many Blacks do not have the time to research the treatment of Black Americans and Africans, which has been horrible. First, take the numerous deals made to the totalitarian leaders of central African states who paid Bill huge speaker fees (200,000 and more) for favors that kept them in the seat of power while selling the poor Africans down the drain and perpetuating starvation and no way to provide for families. Second, and the biggest scandal by the Bill, Hillary and daughter Foundation, is the Haiti earthquake relief. Bill got huge donations from various big donors, who wrote of charity, to help the thousands of homeless and hungry Haitians. The help never came n the form of relief. The Haitians waited and very meager assistance came, which did not make a difference. Worse, Hillary got her inexperienced brother to head the Haitian gold mine industry to help it's people and sold their gold. The Haitians did not get the gold or money coming from gold sales. He also failed in this venture, ruining an opportunity to help the nation out of the poverty that the earthquake caused. Last, 95% of the Haitian population is Black! So much for Black Lives Matter Hillary.
One would hope that people f color in America wake up and see what the Clintons really represent, which is the one percent political elite.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

In 2008 I thought Barack Obama would make a much better president than Hillary Clinton. I still do. Thank you, Barack Obama, for saving us from a Hillary Clinton presidency. And Hillary can thank Donald Trump for the fact that she probably won't get what she deserves this time around. Hopefully she will be a one term president. If I were Gary Johnson, I would print up millions of copies of a photo of Trump and the Clintons sharing a laugh together in the 1990s. But actually, I'm not impressed with Gary Johnson either.

Gary Fouse said...

If Trump is such a horrible guy as Hillary says, why did she go to his wedding?