Monday, July 25, 2016

Chris Matthews on "That Woman"

Here is MSNBC's Chris Matthews covering last week's Republican convention after Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was killed at Benghazi, spoke and pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton. Matthews stated that the Republicans spoiled what had been a beautiful evening by putting "that woman" on the stage, and that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with her son's death.

It doesn't get much more despicable than this, Matthews. Maybe you are overlooking the 600+ requests from the Libyan mission for increased security, all of which were denied. And that "PR" you refer to Matthews was Hillary telling Mrs Smith that the cause of the attack was a video.

How low can you go, Chris Matthews? How low can you go, MSNBC?

1 comment:

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Its all a cynical circus for brownie points, and Matthews showed poor judgement sticking his snout into it.