Saturday, July 30, 2016

California Proclaims August Muslim Appreciation Appreciation and Awareness Month

Hat tip Jihad Watch and Steve

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"In appreciation"
The San Bernardino killers

Out here in California, August is being proclaimed Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month thanks to some quirky Democrat assemblyman named  Bill Quirk and, of course, CAIR.

Leaving aside the question of Buddhist appreciation month, Hindu appreciation month, Jewish appreciation month and Christian appreciation month (wherever they are), it is outrageous that we need to honor Islam to show our respect and appreciation to an ideology that is on the rampage worldwide. It is an insult to the victims  of San Bernardino and their families. It is also outrageous that this political hack accepts the statistics and recommendations of CAIR.

There is only one reason we are being put through this: That is because too many of our political and religious leaders feel the need to prostrate themselves before Islam lest Muslims go on another rampage if we don't show proper respect.

As if they wouldn't anyway.

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