Sunday, July 17, 2016

A German Op-Ed in Response to Nice (et al)

Hat tip Junge Freiheit and Gates of Vienna

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"One knows them by heart. Consternation, bewilderment, shock, pre-cut empathy and feigned grief, solidarity and partnership and thoughts and prayers and so on and on and on. Flowers and stuffed animals in front of the embassies, spotlights in the national colors of the at the moment affected country’s buildings, Facebook profile pictures with “je suis something” — messages, the rituals are as practiced as they are helpless."

In op-ed in Junge Freiheit (Young Freedom) by Michael Paulwitz decries the weak response of Western leaders in the face of unspeakable savagery

I concur. Enough with the flowers, candles and teddy bears. Bombs, tanks and GITMOS are what is needed. Enough with John Kerry and James Taylor singing, "You've got a friend". Closed borders and deportations are what is needed. Enough with the interfaith services. Enough with CAIR press conferences "condemning" the acts of barbarism and warning against Islamophobia. Anyone who isn't phobic about this 7th century insanity is nuts. Enough with streams of young men storming into Europe from the Middle East either to sponge off European hospitality and social services if not to kill their hosts altogether. Enough of the rape epidemics. Enough of imported imams screaming anti-West rhetoric in the mosques. Enough of the imported Jew hatred and assaults of Jewish citizens.

Any society that doesn't have the will to defend its own people isn't worth a dime-no matter how many freedoms it enjoys.

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Nice: This is not freedom.

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Paris Bataclan

This is not freedom.

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Cologne New Years Eve

This is not freedom.

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Toulouse 2012

This is not freedom.

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Brussels airport

This is not freedom.

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